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  • n.动物

复数: zoa

  1. Research of the Public Transportation Development in the Main City Zoon of Shijiazhuang


  2. Now the coastal zoon became a major supplier of high quality protein and sea food .


  3. Shall we go to the Zoon to see the pandas ?


  4. The date in this dissertation is from a spot check of households in the main city zoon of Chongqing .


  5. Ridge and furrow topography of the soil surface can be propitious to form the local soil water - root zoon flow system ;


  6. From the fourth part to the sixth part , the aquatic ecosystem function is evaluated and the major factors of the research zoon identified .


  7. The distribution of mineral particles on soil landslide is protogenous and random before the creation of sliding zoon .


  8. The bone absorption is happened in 1 、 3 、 7 zoon of head femur , it 's bad for hip steady .


  9. The bone osteogenesis is happened in1,3,4,5,7 zoon of head femur , and its useful for reinforce prosthesis .


  10. According to the utility theory and practice of industry cluster , it can plug wings for the development in Poyang Lake zoon to develop cultural industry in the zoon .


  11. The climate of Ordos plateau is belonging to typical temperate zoon continental climate , and the available water was limited . Agriculture was much water consuming , and dependent for water intensely .


  12. Modernized agriculture has high demand on crop growth microenvironment , irrigation time , quantity , control zoon , and water-fertilizer regime , while automatic irrigation control engineering technique is a foundational support to realize agricultural modernization .


  13. To form a set of correspondingly intact integration and development mode of water-saving agricultural technology . Then the constructing , running and managing system of demonstration zoon , which contracts with the market economy , will be formed .


  14. The user not only can control the zoom in or zoon out factor to render the volume data , but also can achieve different rendering effects by selecting lighting or trilinear interpolation which is implemented by multi textures .


  15. And someone said to me what if she is in zoon again just be herself , she shared three generations of personal narrative in the story and here 's the American dream and every point was so salient and relevant to this election .


  16. This paper suggests that under the guide of cross-border cooperation theory , a Tumen River Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zoon should be established to change the current loose cooperative pattern , governments in different levels should fully develop their actions , and companies should be motivated .


  17. The principle and the method of implementation are presented in this paper , the receiving dead zoon can be eliminated efficiently by half overlap ployphase filtering channelization receiver , full probability receiving can be realized and eliminate the false outputs , the computer simulation show the validity of it .