美 [ˈkɑːnsɪkwentli]英 [ˈkɒnsɪkwəntli]
  • adv.因此;所以

con- 共同, 一起 + sequ 跟随 + -ent ...的 + -ly ...地




as a result; therefore

This poses a threat to agriculture and the food chain, and consequently to human health.




  • 1
    ADV 所以;结果
    Consequently means as a result.

    Grandfather Dingsdale had sustained a broken back while working in the mines. Consequently, he spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair...



(sentence connectors) because of the reason given
consequently, he didn't do it
continued to have severe headaches and accordingly returned to the doctor
Synonym: accordingly
as a consequence
he had good reason to be grateful for the opportunities which they had made available to him and which consequently led to the good position he now held
Synonym: therefore


  1. Relations between the two companies had , consequently , never been close .


  2. Consequently , we should have no problem reaching our goals this year .


  3. This poses a threat to agriculture and the food chain , and consequently to human health .


  4. My mother had consequently made her own shrewd deductions about what was going on in my marriage .


  5. Consequently , even as the blogosphere continues to expand , only a few blogs are likely to emerge as focal points .


  6. Grandfather Dingsdale had sustained a broken back while working in the mines . Consequently , he spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair


  7. She missed the train and consequently was late for work .


  8. Catagensis is marked by a loss of hydrogen , and consequently by a decrease of the h / c ratio .


  9. Consequently angularities are apt to occur both below and above unconformities .


  10. Consequently , she succeeded in making a kind of candy only using natural sweeteners , which can reduce oral bacteria .


  11. Consequently , with flexible decision making enterprise can avoid loss agilely .


  12. It looks and sounds like a heart attack and is consequently often confused for one .


  13. Consequently , he gave orders to withdraw his troops and return home .


  14. She was a bright and eager student and , consequently , did well in school .


  15. Consequently , the King of Wu dropped his plan to invade the State of Chu .


  16. We mustn 't miss this opportunity ! ’ Consequently , the whole family agreed to sell the prescription . "


  17. And , consequently , Mark was the best hated and most Calumniated man of his time .


  18. Consequently , the master gave a feast to reward the neighbours who had come to help put out the fire .


  19. Consequently , he had to run back upstairs to the kitchen , and look at his prep list again .


  20. Recent developments in cloud computing have seen the addition of the " human element " to the cloud and consequently the birth of the " human cloud " .


  21. Consequently , braving the rain , he returned to the place where he started running and began to walk slowly again , step by step with measured strides .


  22. Upon arriving in the State of Qin , Cao Shang won the favour of the King of Qin . Consequently , the King bestowed upon him 100 chariots .


  23. Pester Power is commonly used by marketing companies to target the 4 – 6 years old category as they have limited disposable income of their own , and consequently do not have the means to buy goods themselves .


  24. These people are therefore ' piggy in the middle ' , seeing their income eroded through tax changes and rising prices , and consequently , though not struggling to make basic ends meet , experiencing a significant decline in their standard of living .


  25. Consequently , the dogs in these prefectures were all panic-stricken . They barked wildly and ran about in confusion for several days in succession . It wasn 't until the weather had cleared and the snow melted that they became quiet .


  26. Consequently , this study has good theoretical guidance and project application significance .


  27. Consequently , reference is therefore offered for solving similar problems .


  28. Consequently , it is essential to study the environmental administrative omission .


  29. Consequently , research on MNC 's FDI operational advantages is dynamic .


  30. Consequently , studying the influences of children participating in family consumption becomes especially important .


e-共同, 一起

conductor n. 导体

con- 共同, 一起 + duct 引导 + -or 人/物

confusion n. 混乱

con- 共同, 一起 + fus(e) 流, 泻; 融化 + -ion 行为,状态

consciousness n. 清醒状态

con- 共同, 一起 + sci 知道 + -ous ...的 + -ness 性质, 状态等

conservation n. (官方对历史或艺术建筑的)保护

con- 共同, 一起 + serv 保持 + -e + -ation 名词后缀

conservative adj. 保守的

con- 共同, 一起 + serv 保持 + -e + -ative 有...倾向/性质的

considerable adj. 相当大的

con- 共同, 一起 + sider- 星星 + -able 可...的

considerate adj. 考虑周到的

con- 共同, 一起 + sider- 星星 + -ate 具有...的

consistent adj. 一致的

con- 共同, 一起 + sist 站立 + -ent ...的

construction n. 建设

con- 共同, 一起 + struct 建造, 建立 + -ion 行为,状态

container n. 容器

con- 共同, 一起 + tain 拿住 + -er 某种人

conventional adj. 依照惯例的

con- 共同, 一起 + vent 来 + -ion 行为,状态 + -al ...的

conversely adv. 相反地

con- 共同, 一起 + vers 转 + -e + -ly ...地


actually adv. 事实上

actual adj.实际存在的 + -ly ...地

angrily adv. 生气地

angr(y) 生气的 + -ly ...地

beautifully adv. 美丽地

beautiful adj.美的 + -ly ...地

carefully adv. 小心

careful adj.小心的 + -ly ...地

certainly adv. 当然

certain adj.有把握的 + -ly ...地

clearly adv. 清晰地

clear adj.清晰的 + -ly ...地

completely adv. 彻底地

complete adj.齐全的 + -ly ...地

correctly adv. 正确地

correct adj.正确的 + -ly ...地

directly adv. 直接地

direct adj.直达的 + -ly ...地

easily adv. 容易地

easy adj.容易的 + -ly ...地

especially adv. 尤其地

especial adj.特别的 + -ly ...地

exactly adv. 确切地

exact adj.确切的 + -ly ...地

finally adv. (用于列举)最后

final adj.最后的 + -ly ...地

gently adv. 轻轻地

gentle adj.温和的 + -ly ...地

happily adv. 快乐地

happ(y) 快乐的;高兴的 + -i- + -ly ...地

hardly adv. 几乎不

hard adj.坚实的 + -ly ...地

heavily adv. 沉重地

heavy adj.沉重 + -ly ...地

immediately adv. 立即

immediate adj.立即的 + -ly ...地

lonely adj. 孤独的

lone adj.孤独无伴的 + -ly ...地

loudly adv. 大声地

loud adj.喧闹的 + -ly ...地

luckily adv. 幸运的是

lucky adj.有好运的 + -ly ...地

mainly adv. 主要地

main adj.主要的 + -ly ...地

nearly adv. 几乎

near adv.近 + -ly ...地

politely adv. 有礼貌地

polite adj.有礼貌的 + -ly ...地

possibly adv. 可能地

possible adj.办得到的 + -ly ...地

probably adv. 可能

probab(le) 很可能的 + -ly ...地

properly adv. 正确地

proper adj.真正的 + -ly ...地

quickly adv. 迅速地

quick adj.快的 + -ly ...地

quietly adv. 安静地

quiet adj.安静的 + -ly ...地

rarely adv. 很少地

rare adj.稀有的 + -ly ...地

really adv. 真正地, 确实地

real adj.真实的 + -ly ...地

recently adv. 不久前

recent adj.最近的 + -ly ...地

sadly adv. 悲哀地

sad adj.悲伤的 + -ly ...地

seriously adv. 认真地

serious adj.严肃的 + -ly ...地

slowly adv. 慢速地

slow adj.低速的 + -ly ...地

softly adv. 轻轻地

soft adj.易弯曲的 + -ly ...地

suddenly adv. 突然

sudden 突然的 + -ly ...地

usually adv. 通常

usual 平常的 + -ly ...地

widely adv. 普遍地

wide adj.宽的 + -ly ...地

deeply adv. 深深地

deep adj.深的 + -ly ...地

deliberately adv. 故意

deliberate adj.有意的 + -ly ...地

eventually adv. 最后

eventual adj.最终的 + -ly ...地

firmly adv. 坚决地

firm 强 + -ly ...地

gradually adv. 逐步地

gradual adj.缓慢的 + -ly ...地

lately adv. 最近

late adj.晚的 + -ly ...地

mentally adv. 精神上

mental adj.精神的 + -ly ...地

merely adv. 仅仅

mere adj.只不过 + -ly ...地

multiply v.

multiple adj.多个的 + -ly ...地

partly adv. 一定程度上

part 部分,分开 + -ly ...地

personally adv. 个人

personal adj.个人的 + -ly ...地

publicly adv. 公开

public adj.公众的 + -ly ...地

sincerely adv. 真诚地

sincere adj.诚挚的 + -ly ...地

totally adv. 完全地

total adj.总的 + -ly ...地

truly adv. 真正地

tru(e) 真实的 + -ly ...地

willingly adv. 乐意地

willing adj.愿意的 + -ly ...地

absolutely adv. (强调真实无误)绝对地,完全地

absolute adj.完全的 + -ly ...地

accordingly adv. 照着

according adv.据…所述 + -ly ...地

approximately adv. 大概

approximate adj.近似的 + -ly ...地

awfully adv. 非常

awful adj.糟糕的 + -ly ...地

badly adv. 非常

bad adj.糟糕的 + -ly ...地

closely adv. 紧密地;接近地;仔细地;严密地;精密地

close adj.近的 + -ly ...地

commonly adv. 通常地

common adj.一般的 + -ly ...地

conversely adv. 相反地

con- 共同, 一起 + vers 转 + -e + -ly ...地

definitely adv. 肯定

defin(e) 使明确 + -ite... 的 + -ly ...地

exceedingly adv. 非常

exceeding adj.非常的 + -ly ...地

exclusively adv. 唯一地

exclusive adj.排除其他一切的 + -ly ...地

extremely adv. 极其

extreme adj.极大的 + -ly ...地

fairly adv. 相当地

fair adj.公正的 + -ly ...地

fortunately adv. 幸运地

fortun(e) 运气 + -ate 具有...的 + -ly ...地

freely adv. 自由地

free adj.不受他人控制的 + -ly ...地

frequently adv. 频繁地

frequent adj.频繁的 + -ly ...地

generally adv. 通常地

general adj.全体的 + -ly ...地

greatly adv. 非常

great adj.超乎寻常的 + -ly ...地

highly adv.

high adj.高的 + -ly ...地

increasingly adv. 越来越多地

increas(e) 增加 + -ing 形容词后缀 + -ly ...地

instantly adv. 立刻

instant adj.立刻的 + -ly ...地

largely adv. 主要地

large adj.大的 + -ly ...地

lightly adv. 轻柔地

light n.光 + -ly ...地

mostly adv. 主要地

most det.&pro.最大的 + -ly ...地

namely adv.

name n.名字 + -ly ...地

naturally adv. 顺理成章地

natural adj.大自然的 + -ly ...地

necessarily adv. 必要地

necessar(y) 必要的 + -ly ...地

newly adv. 最近

new adj.新的 + -ly ...地

normally adv. 正常地

normal adj.正常的 + -ly ...地

obviously adv. 明显地

obvious 明显的 + -ly ...地

occasionally adv. 偶尔地

occasional adj.不经常的 + -ly ...地

orderly adj. 有秩序的

order n.次序 + -ly ...地

practically adv. 几乎

practical adj.实践的 + -ly ...地

presently adv. 目前

present adj.在场的 + -ly ...地

previously adv. 先前

previous adj.以前的 + -ly ...地

primarily adv. 主要地

primary adj.首要的 + -ly ...地

purely adv. 仅仅

pure adj.纯粹的 + -ly ...地

rapidly adv. 迅速地

rapid adj.快的 + -ly ...地

readily adv. 便利地

read(y) 预备好了的状态 + -ly ...地

regularly adv. 有规律地

regular adj.恒定的 + -ly ...地

relatively adv. 相当程度上

relative adj.相关的 + -ly ...地

repeatedly adv. 反复地

repeated vt.重复 + -ly ...地

respectively adv. 分别地

respective adj.各自的 + -ly ...地

roughly adv. 粗略地

rough adj.不平滑的 + -ly ...地

scarcely adv. 勉强

scarce adj.缺乏的 + -ly ...地

secondly adv. 其次

second num.第二 + -ly ...地

separately adv. 分别地

separate adj.分离的 + -ly ...地

severely adv. 严重地

severe adj.非常的 + -ly ...地

sharply adv. 尖刻地

sharp adj.锋利的 + -ly ...地

shortly adv. 不多时

short adj.短的 + -ly ...地

similarly adv. 相似地

similar adj.相似的 + -ly ...地

simply adv. (强调简单)仅仅,只,不过

simple adj.简明的 + -ly ...地

slightly adv. 轻微地

slight adj.少量的 + -ly ...地

smoothly adv. 平稳地

smooth adj.光滑的 + -ly ...地

solely adv. 唯一地

sole n.脚底 + -ly ...地

steadily adv. 稳定地

steady adj.稳固的 + -ly ...地

strictly adv. 严格地

strict adj.严格的 + -ly ...地

strongly adv. 强烈地

strong adj.强劲的 + -ly ...地

successfully adv. 成功地

successful adj.成功的 + -ly ...地

surely adv. (对自己的话很有把握,希望他人同意)想必

sure adj.确信的 + -ly ...地

surprisingly adv. 惊人地

surprising adj.出人意料的 + -ly ...地

unlikely adj. 不大可能发生的

un- 否定 + like 像 + -ly ...地

virtually adv. 实际上

virtual 实质的 + -ly ...地

wholly adv. 完全地

whol(e) 整体 + -ly ...地

elderly adj. 老年人

elder adj.年龄较大的 + -ly ...地

barely adv. 仅仅

bare 缺少的 + -ly ...地

invariably adv. 一成不变

in- 不,无 + variabl(e) 可变的 + -ly ...地

incidentally adv. (引出新话题、附加信息、或临时想到的问题)顺便提一句

incident n.事件 + -al ...的 + -ly ...地

literally adv. 按字面

literal adj.按字面常用意义理解的 + -ly ...地

seemingly adv. 看似

seeming adj.表面上的 + -ly ...地

accordingly consequently hence so therefore thus 【导航词义:因此,所以】
accordingly v. 因此,从而

指由某种原因而得出某一结果,多用于句首,常可与 therefore 换用。


Accordingly/Therefore, this problem should be solved by the following method.


Accordingly/Therefore, we hereby offer the following three suggestions.


Some of the laws were contradictory. Accordingly/Therefore, measures were taken to clarify them.


consequently v. 因此,所以,结果



She missed the train and consequently was late for work.


The company went bankrupt. Consequently, he lost his job.


Consequently, we should have no problem reaching our goals this year.


hence v. 〈正式〉因此,由此,所以



Hence, this session is of great importance.


They grew up in Asia, hence their interest in oriental culture.


Hence our army must and certainly will triumph.


so v. 因此,所以



She's not feeling well, so she wants to stay in bed.


Billy hit me, so I gave him back tit for tat.


It's all over now, so think no more of it.


therefore v. 因此,所以



This house is smaller and therefore cheaper.


They have a growing population and therefore need more food.


My sister likes to listen to music, therefore she often buys CDs.


thus v. 〈正式〉因此,从而

与 therefore 基本同义,但多用于书面语中。


Fay studied hard; thus she received high marks.


She forgot to turn on the radio and thus missed the programme.


He is the eldest son and thus heir to the title.