• 网络密码
  1. By the standards of modern-day encryption techniques , substitution cyphers are child 's play .


  2. But simple substitution cyphers can be fun to play with , especially in an RPG context by handing someone an encoded message that they can work out during game play .


  3. Finally , the word-game scripts will help you solve the Jumble game , create simple substitution cyphers , and generate word-search diagrams while taking your PHP array-handling skills one step further .


  4. By then it had been renamed as the ' Government Code and Cypher School ' , and was supposed to study ' the methods of cypher communication used by foreign powers ' and to ' advise on the security of British codes and cyphers . '


  5. GC and CS was able to confirm that , though the Germans resorted to fairly simple hand codes and cyphers for such things as light-ships , dockyards and merchant shipping , their naval units , down to the smallest , relied entirely on the Enigma machine .