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  • abbr.喷射;nebula (Latin=spray) (拉丁语)喷雾


horny projecting mouth of a bird
Synonym: beak bill nib pecker
a long projecting or anterior elongation of an animal's head;especially the nose
Synonym: snout


  1. Studies on the binary complexes of some transition metals with NEB by potentiometry


  2. Research on Non - enzymatic Browning ( NEB ) Reaction during the Drying Process of Litchi Fruit


  3. Herbert and Neb began to show symptoms of delirium .


  4. In this study , the characteristics of NEB resistance employed in micro-lithography and etching processes are investigated .


  5. Nebraska has floods in some years , while Neb * has other years in drought .


  6. " You did well , Neb ," said Harding ," but perhaps in not warning us you would have done still better !"


  7. Conclusion : ET 1 mRNA was mainly presented in free side of Clara cell and NEB of rat bronchus .


  8. " Ah !" cried Neb ," if my master was here , he would know what to do !"


  9. Jup had besides a real affection for Neb , and Neb returned it .


  10. The proposal was accepted , and in a few minutes Herbert and Neb were on the upper plateau .


  11. When Aw of dried beef products is in a range of 0.4 ~ 0.5 , NEB is the strongest ;


  12. However , the effects of 375 kg / hm ~ 2 K_2SO_4 treatment and NEB - 26 treatment were not significant in most determined items .


  13. Neb and Pencroft had taken away the fat from the dugong , and placed it in large earthen pots .


  14. NEB delays the time of first ovulation through inhibition of LH pulse frequency and low levels of blood glucose , insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I ( IGF-I ) .


  15. But that distant echo was the only response produced by Neb 's shouts , while a heavy gloom hung over all the part east of the island .


  16. While the gaze of the reporter and Neb were cast upon the ocean , the sailor and Herbert looked eagerly for the coast in the west .


  17. On the base of the kink motion processes , the migration barriers of DP-LK and DP-RK in one period are obtained by the use of NEB together with TB .


  18. The clever orang had been marvelously trained by Neb , and any one would have said that the Negro and the ape understood each other when they talked together .


  19. But the sailor , not wishing to distress Herbert , contented himself by replying that Ayrton had rejoined Neb , so as to defend Granite House .


  20. Increase in nonesterified fatty acids ( NEFA ), the mark of negative energy balance ( NEB ) in periparturient dairy cows , is the direct cause that leads to fat liver as well as ketosis .


  21. Perhaps the winds which blew directly against the facade would make the chimney smoke , but these winds were rare , and besides , Master Neb , the cook , was not so very particular about that .


  22. And , really , had any one told Pencroft and Neb that a ship of300 tons was waiting for them in Shark Gulf or at Port Balloon , they would not even have made a gesture of surprise .