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美 [loʊˈkeɪʃn]英 [ləʊˈkeɪʃn]
  • n.位置;定位;地点;地方;(电影的)外景拍摄地

复数: locations

locat(e) 位于 + -ion 行为,状态





a place where sth happens or exists; the position of sth

a honeymoon in a secret location


What is the exact location of the ship?



a place outside a film studio where scenes of a film/movie are made

The village was used as the location for a popular TV series.


The movie was shot entirely on location in Italy.



the act of finding the position of sb/sth

These are all words for a particular area or part of an area, especially one used for a particular purpose or where sb/sth is situated or happens.以上各词均表示地点、场所、位置。

a particular point, area, city, town, building, etc., especially one used for a particular purpose or where a particular thing happens指有特定用途或事情发生的地点、场所、城镇、建筑物、地方:

This would be a good place for a picnic.


the place where sth, especially a building, is or will be situated; a place where sth happened or that is used for a particular purpose尤指建筑物的地点、位置,事情发生或有特定用途的地点、场所:

They've chosen a site for the new school.


the place where a person or thing is situated; the place where sb/sth is meant to be指位置、方位、恰当的位置:

From his position at the top of the hill, he could see the harbour.


a place where sth happens or exists, especially a place that is not named or not known指事情发生或存在的地方、地点、位置,尤指无名或鲜为人知的地方:

The company is moving to a new location.


a place where sth happens, especially sth unpleasant尤指不愉快事件发生的地点、现场:

the scene of the accident


a particular point or area, especially one that has a particular character or where sth particular happens尤指具有某种特点或某一事件发生的地点、场所:

The lake is one of the local beauty spots .


the place where people meet for an organized event such as a performance or sports event指演出、体育比赛等的聚会地点、场馆、会场



  • 1
    N-COUNT (某事发生或某物坐落的)位置,场所
    A location is the place where something happens or is situated.

    The first thing he looked at was his office's location...


  • 2
    N-COUNT (某人或某物所在的确切)位置,地点
    The location of someone or something is their exact position.

    She knew the exact location of The Eagle's headquarters.


  • 3
    N-VAR 外景拍摄地
    A location is a place away from a studio where a film or part of a film is made.

    ...an art movie with dozens of exotic locations...



a point or extent in space
a determination of the place where something is
he got a good fix on the target
Synonym: localization localisation locating fix
the act of putting something in a certain place
Synonym: placement locating position positioning emplacement
a workplace away from a studio at which some or all of a movie may be made
they shot the film on location in Nevada


  1. The reporter was taken blindfold to a secret location .


  2. As soon as I saw the location , I knew this was it .


  3. The company is moving to a new location .


  4. The village was used as the location for a popular TV series .


  5. He showed me our location on the map .


  6. The importance of the town is due to its geographical location .


  7. The show was filmed on location in New York .


  8. What is the exact location of the ship ?


  9. The location of the ship is a closely guarded secret .


  10. The movie was shot entirely on location in Italy .


  11. She travels to all kinds of exotic locations all over the world .


  12. I was doubly attracted to the house ─ by its size and its location .


  13. ‘ Dinosaur ’ combines CGI animation with live-action location shots .


  14. His latest movie is just more of the same ─ exotic locations , car chases and a final shoot-out .


  15. The first thing he looked at was his office 's location


  16. Her company has had to split up and work from two locations .


  17. The location has been changed at the last minute


  18. We 'd taken enormous care in choosing the location .


  19. It has taken until now to pin down its exact location


  20. The exact locations are being kept secret for reasons of security .


  21. The satellite enables us to calculate their precise location anywhere in the world .


  22. Soldiers have been training at a secret location


  23. Macau 's newest small luxury hotel has a beautiful location .


  24. He 's more concerned about the nuts and bolts of location work .


  25. She knew the exact location of The Eagle 's headquarters .


  26. I am under orders not to discuss his mission or his location with anyone .


  27. She flits from one exotic location to another .


  28. The precise location of the wreck was discovered in 1988


  29. The first duty of a director is to recce his location .


  30. Its geographical location stimulated overseas mercantile enterprise .



attention n. 注意

at- 加强 + tent 伸展 + -ion 行为,状态

collection n. 收集

collect v.收集 + -ion 行为,状态

conclusion n. 结论

con- 表强调 + clus 关闭 + -ion 行为,状态

congratulation n. 祝贺

congratulat(e) 祝贺 + -ion 行为,状态

decision n. (作出的)决定,抉择

de- 离开,向下 + cis 切,割 + -ion 行为,状态

direction n. 方向

direct adj.直达的 + -ion 行为,状态

discussion n. 讨论

discuss v.讨论 + -ion 行为,状态

education n. (尤指学校)教育

educat(e) 教育 + -ion 行为,状态

exhibition n. (一批)展览品

exhibit v.展出 + -ion 行为,状态

fashion n. 时尚

fash 做,制作 + -ion 行为,状态

generation n. 一代

generat(e) 产生 + -ion 行为,状态

impression n. 印象

impress v.使(人)赞赏尊敬 + -ion 行为,状态

invention n. 发明

invent v.发明 + -ion 行为,状态

mention vt. 提到

ment 头脑,智力 + -ion 行为,状态

nation n. 国家

nat 出生,诞生 + -ion 行为,状态

operation n. 活动

operat(e) 运作;操作 + -ion 行为,状态

pollution n. 污染

pollut(e) 污染,弄脏 + -ion 行为,状态

section n. 部分

sect 切,割 + -ion 行为,状态

situation n. 情况

situat(e) 使位于 + -ion 行为,状态

solution n. 解决方案

solut 松的,解 + -ion 行为,状态

station n. 火车站

stat- 站,立 + -ion 行为,状态

suggestion n. 建议

suggest v.建议 + -ion 行为,状态

tradition n. 传统

tra- 穿,越 + dit 给,给予 + -ion 行为,状态

abortion n. 流产

ab- 离去,相反 + ort 升起,开始 + -ion 行为,状态

aggression n. 好斗情绪

aggress vi.攻击 + -ion 行为,状态

appreciation n. 欣赏

appreciat(e) 欣赏 + -ion 行为,状态

celebration n. 庆典

celebrat(e) 庆祝 + -ion 行为,状态

contribution n. 捐款

contribut(e) 捐献 + -ion 行为,状态

criterion n. 标准

-er 某种人 + -ion 行为,状态

decoration n. 装饰

decorat(e) 装饰 + -ion 行为,状态

description n. 描述

de- 完全,加强 + script 写 + -ion 行为,状态

devotion n. 挚爱

devot(e) 致力于,献身于 + -ion 行为,状态

dictation n. 口述

dictat(e) 口述 + -ion 行为,状态

discrimination n. 区别对待

discriminat(e) 区分;歧视 + -ion 行为,状态

edition n. 版本(出版形式)

edit v.编辑 + -ion 行为,状态

evolution n. 进化

e- 向外,离开 + volut 卷,转变 + -ion 行为,状态

expression n. 表示

express v.表达 + -ion 行为,状态

friction n. 摩擦

frict- 摩擦 + -ion 行为,状态

graduation n. (大学或美国高中的)毕业

graduat(e) 毕业 + -ion 行为,状态

institution n. (大学、银行等规模大的)机构

institut(e) 机构 + -ion 行为,状态

instruction n. 用法说明

instruct v.指示 + -ion 行为,状态

intention n. 打算

in- 在内,进入,使 + tent 伸展 + -ion 行为,状态

introduction n. 介绍

intro- 向内 + duct 引导 + -ion 行为,状态

irrigation n. 灌溉

irrigat(e) 灌溉 + -ion 行为,状态

liberation n. 解放

liberat(e) 解放 + -ion 行为,状态

motivation n. 动机

motivat(e) 推动 + -ion 行为,状态

permission n. 准许

per- 完全,贯穿 + miss 送出,投掷 + -ion 行为,状态

position n. 位置

posit 放 + -ion 行为,状态

possession n. 个人财产

possess v.拥有 + -ion 行为,状态

prescription n. (条例、指示、命令、法令等)规定

pre- ...前的 + script 写 + -ion 行为,状态

production n. 生产

pro- 向前,在前 + duct 引导 + -ion 行为,状态

profession n. (统称,指需要较高教育水平的)职业

profess 声称 + -ion 行为,状态

protection n. 保护

protect v.保护 + -ion 行为,状态

punctuation n. 标点符号

punctuat(e) 加标点 + -ion 行为,状态

radiation n. 辐射

radiat(e) 辐射 + -ion 行为,状态

reception n. 接待

re- 再,又 + cept 拿,抓,握住 + -ion 行为,状态

recreation n. 娱乐

recreat(e) 再创造 + -ion 行为,状态

regulation n. 章程

regulat(e) 管理;控制 + -ion 行为,状态

revision n. 修订

revis(e) 校正;修订 + -ion 行为,状态

translation n. 翻译

translat(e) 翻译 + -ion 行为,状态

vacation n. (美国学校的)假期

vacate 使空出,腾出 + -ion 行为,状态

version n. 变体

vers 转 + -ion 行为,状态

acceleration n. 加快

accelerat(e) 加速;加快 + -ion 行为,状态

accommodation n. 住处

accommodate 适应 + -ion 行为,状态

action n. 行动

act 行动,做 + -ion 行为,状态

admission n. 准许进入

ad- 加强 + miss 送出,投掷 + -ion 行为,状态

affection n. 感情

affect v.影响 + -ion 行为,状态

association n. 协会

associat(e) 使发生联系 + -ion 行为,状态

attraction n. 吸引力

attract v.引来 + -ion 行为,状态

calculation n. 计算

calculat(e) 计算 + -ion 行为,状态

commission n. (通常为政府管控或调查某事的)委员会

com- 共同,一起 + miss 送出,投掷 + -ion 行为,状态

communication n. 表达

communicate 交流,沟通 + -ion 行为,状态

companion n. 同伴

com- 共同,一起 + pan- 面包 + -ion 行为,状态

comprehension n. 理解力

com- 共同,一起 + prehens 拿,把握 + -ion 行为,状态

condition n. 条件

con- 共同,一起 + dit- 说话 + -ion 行为,状态

confusion n. 混乱

con- 共同, 一起 + fus(e) 流, 泻; 融化 + -ion 行为,状态

conjunction n. 连词 (如and、but、or)

con- 共同,一起 + junct 连接 + -ion 行为,状态

connection n. (两种事实、观念等的)联系,关联

connect v.连接 + -ion 行为,状态

consideration n. 考虑

consider 考虑, 思考 + -ate 具有...的 + -ion 行为,状态

construction n. 建设

con- 共同, 一起 + struct 建造, 建立 + -ion 行为,状态

consumption n. (能量、食物或材料的)消耗,消耗量

con- 共同,一起 + sumpt 用,拿 + -ion 行为,状态

contradiction n. 矛盾

contra- 反对, 相反 + dict 说, 断言 + -ion 行为,状态

convention n. 习俗

con- 共同,一起 + vent 来 + -ion 行为,状态

correction n. 校正

cor- 共同 + rect 直, 正 + -ion 行为,状态

definition n. (尤指词典里的词或短语的)释义,解释

defin(e) 使明确 + -ite... 的 + -ion 行为,状态

destruction n. 摧毁

de- 完全,加强 + struct 建造,建立 + -ion 行为,状态

determination n. 决心

determinat(e) 坚决的 + -ion 行为,状态

dimension n. 维(构成空间的因素)

di- 二者之间 + mens 测量 + -ion 行为,状态

distribution n. 分配

distribut(e) 分配 + -ion 行为,状态

division n. 分开

di- 分离 + vis 看 + -ion 行为,状态

election n. 选举

elect v.选举 + -ion 行为,状态

emotion n. 强烈的感情

e- 向外,离开 + mot 运动,移动 + -ion 行为,状态

exception n. 例外

except prep.除…外 + -ion 行为,状态

excursion n. 远足

ex- 出,出去 + curs- 跑,流动 + -ion 行为,状态

expansion n. 膨胀

expans(e) 宽阔 + -ion 行为,状态

explosion n. 爆炸

ex- 出,出去 + plos 打,击 + -ion 行为,状态

extension n. 扩大

ex- 出,出去 + tens 伸展 + -ion 行为,状态

fraction n. 小部分

fract 打碎 + -ion 行为,状态

function n. 作用

funct 活动 + -ion 行为,状态

illustration n. 插图

illustrat(e) 解释,阐明 + -ion 行为,状态

indication n. 指示

indicat(e) 指示 + -ion 行为,状态

injection n. 注射

inject v.注射 + -ion 行为,状态

inspection n. 视察

inspect v.检查 + -ion 行为,状态

interruption n. 中断

interrupt v.中止 + -ion 行为,状态

invasion n. 武装入侵

in- 在内,进入,使 + vas 走 + -ion 行为,状态

investigation n. 调查

investigat(e) 调查 + -ion 行为,状态

mission n. 使命

miss 送出,投掷 + -ion 行为,状态

motion n. 运动

mot 运动,移动 + -ion 行为,状态

navigation n. 航行

navigate 航行 + -ion 行为,状态

objection n. 反对

object n.物体 + -ion 行为,状态

occasion n. 场合

oc- 表强调 + cas 降落 + -ion 行为,状态

option n. 选项

opt 选择 + -ion 行为,状态

portion n. 部分

port 部分,分开 + -ion 行为,状态

precision n. 精确

precise 精确的 + -ion 行为,状态

procession n. (人或车辆的)队列,行列

pro- 向前,在前 + cess 行走,撤退 + -ion 行为,状态

proportion n. 部分

pro- 向前,在前 + port 部分,分开 + -ion 行为,状态

provision n. 提供

pro- 向前,在前 + vis 看 + -ion 行为,状态

reaction n. 反应

react v.作出反应 + -ion 行为,状态

rebellion n. 谋反

re- 相对,相反 + bell 战争 + -ion 行为,状态

reduction n. 减少

re- 再,又 + duct 引导 + -ion 行为,状态

reflection n. (声、光、热等的)反射

reflect v.反射 + -ion 行为,状态

relation n. 关系

relat(e) 联系,关联 + -ion 行为,状态

religion n. 宗教

re- 相对,相反 + lig 捆绑 + -ion 行为,状态

resolution n. 决议

resolut(e) 坚决的 + -ion 行为,状态

restriction n. 限制规定

restrict v.限制 + -ion 行为,状态

revolution n. 革命

re- 相对,相反 + volut 卷,转变 + -ion 行为,状态

selection n. 选择

select v.选择 + -ion 行为,状态

separation n. 分离

separat(e) 分开 + -ion 行为,状态

session n. 一场

sess 坐 + -ion 行为,状态

suspicion n. 怀疑

sus- 在...下面 + -(s)pic 看 + -ion 行为,状态

transmission n. 传输

trans- 转移 + miss 送出,投掷 + -ion 行为,状态

tuition n. (尤指大专院校的)学费

tuit 照管,监护 + -ion 行为,状态

vision n. 视力

vis- 看 + -ion 行为,状态

erosion n. 腐蚀

e- 向外,离开 + ros 咬 + -ion 行为,状态

concession n. 让步

con- 共同,一起 + cess 行走,撤退 + -ion 行为,状态

persuasion n. 说服

per- 完全,贯穿 + suas 劝告 + -ion 行为,状态

repression n. 压制

repress v.压服 + -ion 行为,状态

sanction n. 制裁

sanct 神圣的 + -ion 行为,状态

junction n. (公路或铁路的)交叉路口,汇合处,枢纽站

junct 连接 + -ion 行为,状态

illusion n. 幻觉

il- 使...,进入 + lus 玩;游戏;扮演 + -ion 行为,状态

tension n. 紧张

tens(e) 紧张,拉紧 + -ion 行为,状态

passion n. 激情

pass 走,跨过 + -ion 行为,状态

inflation n. 通货膨胀

inflate v.给…充气 + -ion 行为,状态

diversion n. 改道

di- 分离 + vers 转 + -ion 行为,状态

assumption n. 假定

as- 朝,向,加强 + sumpt 用,拿 + -ion 行为,状态

complication n. 并发症

complicat(e) 使复杂 + -ion 行为,状态

legislation n. 法规

legislate 立法 + -ion 行为,状态

compensation n. (对不利局面的)补偿

compensat(e) 补偿 + -ion 行为,状态

caution n. 小心

caut 小心 + -ion 行为,状态

innovation n. (新事物、思想或方法的)创造

innovate 改革,创新 + -ion 行为,状态

notion n. 概念

not 知道 + -ion 行为,状态

intersection n. 十字路口

intersect v.贯穿 + -ion 行为,状态

obsession n. 痴迷

obsess v.迷住 + -ion 行为,状态

obligation n. 职责

obligate 强迫,迫使 + -ion 行为,状态

vegetation n. 植被

vegetat(e) 生长 + -ion 行为,状态

imitation n. 仿制品,仿造品

imitat(e) 模仿 + -ion 行为,状态

auction n. 拍卖

auct 增加 + -ion 行为,状态

retention n. 保持

re- 再,又 + tent 伸展 + -ion 行为,状态

sensation n. 感觉

sensat(e) 可感觉的 + -ion 行为,状态

compassion n. 同情

com- 共同,一起 + pass 走,跨过 + -ion 行为,状态

intuition n. (一种)直觉

in- 在内,进入,使 + tuit 照管,监护 + -ion 行为,状态

place location position scene site spot 【导航词义:位置,地点】
place v. 地方,地点,场所



Put your money in a safe place.


Brazil is a big place.


The place used to be a stretch of barren land.


The bar was our usual meeting place.


This is a great place for sightseeing.


location v. 地点,位置



He indicated the location of Cape Horn with a pen on the map.


No one knows the location of the hidden treasure.


We'll meet at a given time and location.


The rescue workers needed the precise location of the crash.


She wants to rent an apartment in a really good location.


position v. 位置,方位



Can you find the position of our school on this map?


The college is in a good position by the river.


From his position on the balcony, he had a good view of the sea.


He emphasized the strategic position of that island in his report.


scene v. 现场



The police were on the scene within minutes.


Investigators are searching for clues at the scene of the crime.


site v. 地点,场所



The site of the battle of Waterloo is in Belgium.


The bar is built on the site of an ancient arena.


They pitched their tent at the camping site.


They were ordered to build a helicopter landing site for their base.


spot v. 地点



Is there a quiet spot on the beach?


She was deeply attracted by a small cottage in an idyllic spot.


Why do you think this is an ideal spot for a picnic?


This is the exact spot where he was killed.


The Summer Palace is the best spot for our picnic.


  • 词语搭配



central location


convenient location


secret location


exact location


geographic location


present location


specific location



pinpoint a location