美 [ɪnˈsentɪv]英 [ɪnˈsentɪv]
  • n.激励,鼓励,奖励;刺激;诱因,动机
  • adj. 奖励(性)的;鼓励(性)的;刺激(性)的

复数: incentives

in- 在内,进入,使 + cent 唱,歌 + -ive 形容词后缀




something that encourages you to do sth

tax incentives to encourage savings


There is no incentive for people to save fuel.





  • 1
    N-VAR 刺激;激励;奖励
    If something is an incentive to do something, it encourages you to do it.

    There is little or no incentive to adopt such measures...



a positive motivational influence
Synonym: inducement motivator
an additional payment (or other remuneration) to employees as a means of increasing output
Synonym: bonus


  1. There is little or no incentive to adopt such measures


  2. You get a big salary incentive and free board and lodging too .


  3. There is no incentive for people to save fuel .


  4. He said the government must introduce tax incentives to encourage investment


  5. There will be a major incentive among TV channels to keep standards up


  6. There would be strong incentives to turn someone in


  7. There will be a strong incentive to enter into a process of negotiation


  8. They have a stronger appreciation of the importance of economic incentives .


  9. The mayor 's scheme offers incentives to firms setting up in lower Manhattan


  10. Many companies in Britain are keen on the idea of tax incentives for R & D.


  11. Tax incentives would be used to attract firms to the regions , away from the South-East .


  12. Neither side would have an incentive to start a war . Ergo , peace would reign .


  13. In mitigation , it should be pointed out that there wasn 't much incentive to make world-beating wine .


  14. Competition is a strong incentive to industry .


  15. With some pupils , praise is not an incentive to study hard .


  16. Her interest gave me an incentive and I worked twice as hard .


  17. The company offers a bonus as an incentive to greater speed and efficiency in production .


  18. This paper analyzes the problem of managers risk-sharing and incentive design in termination menace .


  19. But I do think there are flaws in the western system of relying so heavily on Incentive systems .


  20. By broadening the tax base and lowering tax rates , we can increase government revenue and distort incentives less .


  21. They have an incentive to keep us hooked .


  22. " It 's always more of an incentive if you 're doing it with other people , " she says .


  23. For the most part , these experiments rely on incentive payments to get doctors to try them .


  24. To get access to millions of new customers , insurers would have a strong incentive to sell on the exchange .


  25. A stronger relationship between the retailer / producer and the consumer isn 't just about financial incentives .


  26. Create incentives .


  27. As a result , businesses are much more accountable , often in very specific ways , which creates powerful incentives to improve service .


  28. Conventional wisdom would seem to suggest that companies have no incentive to lengthen the life cycle of their products and reduce the revenue they would get from selling new goods .


  29. And the head-to-head competition might give them a strong incentive to lower their prices , perhaps by accepting slimmer profit margins or demanding better deals from providers .


  30. A few psychology journals have created incentives to increase interest in reproducible science — for example , by affixing an ‘ open-data ' badge to articles that clearly state where data are available .



include vt. 包括

in- 在内,进入,使 + clud 关闭 + -e

income n. 收入

in- 在内,进入,使 + come v.来

increase v. (使)增长,增多

in- 在内,进入,使 + creas- 增长,产生 + -e

indoor adj. (在)室内的

in- 在内,进入,使 + door n.门

inside prep. 在(或向)…内

in- 在内,进入,使 + side n.边

instead adv. 相反

in- 在内,进入,使 + stead n.替代

invent vt. 发明

in- 在内,进入,使 + vent 来

investigate v. 侦查(某事)

in- 在内,进入,使 + vestig- 脚印,踪迹 + -ate 做,造成

invite vt. 邀请

in- 在内,进入,使 + vit 生命 + -e

incident n. 发生的事情(尤指不寻常的或讨厌的)

in- 在内,进入,使 + cid 落下,降临 + -ent ...的

indeed adv. 的确

in- 在内,进入,使 + deed n.行为

indicate v. 表明

in- 在内,进入,使 + dic 说 + -ate 做,造成

influence n. 影响

in- 在内,进入,使 + flu 流动 + -ence 性质; 状态

inform v. 报告

in- 在内,进入,使 + form 形状

injure vt. (尤指在事故中)伤害,使受伤

in- 在内,进入,使 + jur 发誓,法律 + -e

injury n. 损伤

in- 在内,进入,使 + jur 发誓,法律 + -y ...的

inland adv. 在内陆

in- 在内,进入,使 + land n.陆地

insect n. 昆虫,虫

in- 在内,进入,使 + sect 切,割

insert vt. 插入

in- 在内,进入,使 + sert 放置,结合

insist v. 坚决要求

in- 在内,进入,使 + sist 站立

inspect vt. 检查

in- 在内,进入,使 + spect 看

inspire vt. 激励

in- 在内,进入,使 + spir 呼吸 + -e

instant n. 瞬息,顷刻,刹那

in- 在内,进入,使 + st- 站,立 + -ant ...的

institute n. 研究所

in- 在内,进入,使 + stitut 建立 + -e

instruct v. 指导

in- 在内,进入,使 + struct 建造,建立

instrument n. 器械

in- 在内,进入,使 + stru 建造 + -ment 行为或结果

insurance n. 保险

in- 在内,进入,使 + sur- 肯定;安全 + -ance 性质,状况

insure v. 投保

in- 在内,进入,使 + sure adj.确信的

intend v. 打算

in- 在内,进入,使 + tend 伸展

intention n. 打算

in- 在内,进入,使 + tent 伸展 + -ion 行为,状态

incline v. (使)倾向于,有…的趋势

in- 在内,进入,使 + clin 倾斜,斜坡 + -e

index n. (物价和工资等的)指数

in- 在内,进入,使 + dict 说,断言

indignant adj. 愤慨的

in- 在内,进入,使 + dign 有价值的 + -ant ...的

infect vt. 传染

in- 在内,进入,使 + fect 做,制作

infer v. 推断

in- 在内,进入,使 + fer 带来,拿来

influential adj. 有很大影响(力)的

in- 在内,进入,使 + flu 流动 + -ent ...的 + -ial ...的

inherit v. 继承(金钱、财产等)

in- 在内,进入,使 + herit 继承

input n. 输入

in- 在内,进入,使 + put v.放

inquire v. 询问

in- 在内,进入,使 + quir 问,找寻 + -e

install vt. 安装

in- 在内,进入,使 + stall 放

instance n. 例子

in- 在内,进入,使 + st- 站,立 + -ance 性质,状况

instinct n. 本能

in- 在内,进入,使 + stinct 刺,刺激

insult vt. 辱骂

in- 在内,进入,使 + sult 召集

intense adj. 强烈的

in- 在内,进入,使 + tens 伸展 + -e

invade v. 入侵

in- 在内,进入,使 + vad 走 + -e

invasion n. 武装入侵

in- 在内,进入,使 + vas 走 + -ion 行为,状态

invest v. 投资

in- 在内,进入,使 + vest 衣服

involve vt. 涉及

in- 在内,进入,使 + volv 卷,转 + -e

intact adj. 完整的

in- 在内,进入,使 + tact 摸

indulge v. 沉湎,沉迷,沉溺(于…)

in- 在内,进入,使 + dulge 不变的

intrigue n. 阴谋

in- 在内,进入,使 + trig- 琐事 + -ue

inventory n. 库存

in- 在内,进入,使 + vent- 来 + -ory 场所,地点

inclusive adj. 包含全部费用

in- 在内,进入,使 + clus 关闭 + -ive 形容词后缀

induce vt. 诱导

in- 在内,进入,使 + duc 引导 + -e

incorporate vt. 合并

in- 在内,进入,使 + corpor 身体,团体 + -ate 做,造成

intrude vi. 闯入

in- 在内,进入,使 + trud 推,插入 + -e

insight n. 洞察力

in- 在内,进入,使 + sight n.视觉

intuition n. (一种)直觉

in- 在内,进入,使 + tuit 照管,监护 + -ion 行为,状态

inhale v. 吸入

in- 在内,进入,使 + hal 呼吸 + -e

incidence n. 发生范围

in- 在内,进入,使 + cid 落下,降临 + -ence 性质;状态


active adj. (尤指体力上)忙碌的,活跃的

act 行动,做 + -ive 形容词后缀

attractive adj. (事物)有吸引力的

attract v.引来 + -ive 形容词后缀

creative adj. (尤指艺术作品)创作的

creat(e) 创造 + -ive 形容词后缀

expensive adj. 昂贵的

expens(e) 费用 + -ive 形容词后缀

relative adj. 相对的

relate 联系,关联 + -ive 形容词后缀

passive adj. 消极的

pass 走,跨过 + -ive 形容词后缀

adjective n. 形容词

ad- 加强 + ject 投掷,扔 + -ive 形容词后缀

aggressive adj. 侵略性的

aggress vi.攻击 + -ive 形容词后缀

alternative adj. 可供替代的

alternate 轮流,(使)交替 + -ive 形容词后缀

attentive adj. 细心的

at- 加强 + tent 伸展 + -ive 形容词后缀

collective adj. 集体的

collect v.收集 + -ive 形容词后缀

comprehensive adj. 综合的

com- 共同, 一起 + prehend 抓, 抓住 + -ive 形容词后缀

effective adj. 有效的

effect n.结果 + -ive 形容词后缀

excessive adj. 过分的

ex- 出,出去 + cess 行走,撤退 + -ive 形容词后缀

executive n. 总经理

execut(e) 执行 + -ive 形容词后缀

extensive adj. 广阔的

ex- 出,出去 + tens 伸展 + -ive 形容词后缀

impressive adj. 给人印象深刻的

impress v.使(人)赞赏尊敬 + -ive 形容词后缀

intensive adj. 短时间内集中紧张进行的

intens(e) 高度的,极度的 + -ive 形容词后缀

positive adj. 积极乐观的

posit 放 + -ive 形容词后缀

productive adj. (尤指)多产的

pro- 向前,在前 + duct 引导 + -ive 形容词后缀

progressive adj. 进步的

progress n.前进 + -ive 形容词后缀

protective adj. 防护的,保护的

protect v.保护 + -ive 形容词后缀

respective adj. 分别的

re- 相对,相反 + spect 看 + -ive 形容词后缀

successive adj. 连续的

suc- 在...下面 + cess- 走开;撤退 + -ive 形容词后缀

destructive adj. 破坏(或毁灭)性的

destruct v.毁坏 + -ive 形容词后缀

cooperative adj. 合作的

co- 共同,一起 + oper- 工作 + -ate 做,造成 + -ive 形容词后缀

exclusive adj. 独家

ex- 出,出去 + clus 关闭 + -ive 形容词后缀

consecutive adj. 连续的

con- 共同,一起 + secut 跟随 + -ive 形容词后缀

prospective adj. 预期的

prospect n.未来事件发生的可能性 + -ive 形容词后缀

inclusive adj. 包含全部费用

in- 在内,进入,使 + clus 关闭 + -ive 形容词后缀

decisive adj. 果断的

de- 离开,向下 + cis 切,割 + -ive 形容词后缀

initiative n. 倡议

initiat(e) 入会 + -ive 形容词后缀

massive adj. 大量的,巨大的,大规模的

mass 大量 + -ive 形容词后缀

narrative adj. 叙述的

narrat(e) 叙述 + -ive 形容词后缀

subjective adj. 主观的(非现实世界的)

subject n.题目 + -ive 形容词后缀

perspective n. 态度

per- 完全 + spect- 看 + -ive 形容词后缀

indicative adj. 指示性

indicat(e) 指示 + -ive 形容词后缀