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美 [faɪts]英 [faɪts]
  • v.战斗;作战;打架;参加(竞赛);打斗;打仗;竞争;搏斗
  • n.斗争;打斗,打架;争吵,争论;战斗(fight 的复数)
  • fight的第三人称单数



  • 1
    VERB 与…作斗争;坚决反对
    If you fight something unpleasant, you try in a determined way to prevent it or stop it happening.

    Mother Teresa is an elderly nun who has devoted her life to fighting poverty...


  • 2
    VERB (为…而)斗争;努力争取
    If you fight for something, you try in a determined way to get it or achieve it.

    Our Government should be fighting for an end to food subsidies...


  • 3
    V-RECIP 进行(战斗、对抗等);打(仗)
    If an army or group fights a battle with another army or group, they oppose each other with weapons. You can also say that two armies or groups fight a battle.

    The two men fought a battle over land and water rights...


  • 4
    VERB 参战;作战;打仗
    If a person or army fights in a battle or a war, they take part in it.

    He fought in the war and was taken prisoner by the Americans...


  • More than nine hundred people have died in the fighting.


  • 6
    V-RECIP (和…)打架;(同…)打斗;(与…)搏斗
    If one person fights with another, or fights them, the two people hit or kick each other because they want to hurt each other. You can also say that two people fight .

    As a child she fought with her younger sister...


  • 7
    V-RECIP (和…)争吵;(同…)吵架;(与…)争论
    If one person fights with another, or fights them, they have an angry disagreement or quarrel. You can also say that two people fight .

    She was always arguing with him and fighting with him...


  • 8
    VERB 努力辟出(一条路)
    If you fight your way to a place, you move towards it with great difficulty, for example because there are a lot of people or obstacles in your way.

    I fought my way into a carriage just before the doors closed...


  • 9
    N-COUNT (一场)拳击赛
    A fight is a boxing match.

    This was Hyer's last fight, for no one else challenged him...


  • 10
    VERB 参加拳击赛
    To fight means to take part in a boxing match.

    In a few hours' time one of the world's most famous boxers will be fighting in Britain for the first time...


  • 11
    VERB 参加(竞选以期获胜)
    If you fight an election, you are a candidate in the election and try to win it.

    The former party treasurer helped raise almost £40 million to fight the election campaign.

    该党的前任财政部长帮助筹集了近 4,000 万英镑用于竞选。

  • 12
    N-COUNT 竞赛;比赛
    You can use fight to refer to a contest such as an election or a sports match.

    ...the fight for power between the two parties.


  • 13
    VERB 进行(诉讼、辩护等);打(官司)
    If you fight a case or a court action, you make a legal case against someone in a very determined way, or you put forward a defence when a legal case is made against you.

    Watkins sued the Army and fought his case in various courts for 10 years...

    沃特金斯将军队诉至法院,并在各级法庭打了 10 年的官司。

  • 14
    N-UNCOUNT 斗志;战斗力
    Fight is the desire or ability to keep fighting.

    I thought that we had a lot of fight in us.


  • 15
    VERB 努力克制,竭力抑制(感情或欲望)
    If you fight an emotion or desire, you try very hard not to feel it, show it, or act on it, but do not always succeed.

    I desperately fought the urge to giggle...


  • 16
    PHRASE 呼吸困难;吸气费力
    If you fight for breath, you try to breathe but find it very difficult.

  • 17
    PHRASE 经过努力才能成功的机会;需要极大好运的机会
    If you have a fighting chance of doing or achieving something, it is possible that you will do or achieve it, but only if you make a great effort or are very lucky.

    When they didn't shoot at me right away, I figured I had a fighting chance.


  • 18
    PHRASE 非常健康;极为强健
    If you describe someone as fighting fit, you are emphasizing that they are very fit or healthy.

    After a good night's sleep I feel fighting fit again.


  • 19
    PHRASE 与死神殊死搏斗;奋力求生
    Someone who is fighting for their life is making a great effort to stay alive, either when they are being physically attacked or when they are very ill.

    He is still fighting for his life in hospital.


  • 20
    to fight a losing battle→ see:battle

  • 21
    fight to the finish→ see:finish

  • 22
    . to fight fire with fire→ see:fire

  • 23
    . to fight shy→ see:shy

  • 24
    PHRASAL VERB 奋力抵抗;反击;还击
    If you fight back against someone or something that is attacking or harming you, you resist them actively or attack them.

    The teenage attackers fled when the two men fought back...


  • 25
    PHRASAL VERB 强忍住,抑制住(感情或欲望)
    If you fight back an emotion or a desire, you try very hard not to feel it, show it, or act on it.

    She fought back the tears.


  • 26
    PHRASAL VERB 强忍住,抑制住(感情或欲望)
    If you fight down an emotion or a desire, you try very hard not to feel it, show it, or act on it.

    Meg fought down the desire to run...


  • 27
    PHRASAL VERB 抵抗,战胜(疾病);摆脱(不快)
    If you fight off something, for example an illness or an unpleasant feeling, you succeed in getting rid of it and in not letting it overcome you.

    Unfortunately these drugs are quite toxic and hinder the body's ability to fight off infection...


  • 28
    PHRASAL VERB 击退;打退
    If you fight off someone who has attacked you, you fight with them, and succeed in making them go away or stop attacking you.

    The woman fought off the attacker.


  • 29
    PHR-V-RECIP 在…上一争高下;通过比出胜负解决
    If two people or groups fight something out, they fight or argue until one of them wins.

    Instead of retaliating, he walks away leaving his team-mates to fight it out...


  1. The reason is the same that the vocational work fights with using military forces in some aspects .


  2. Almost all fights are accompanied by weapon usage of one kind or another .


  3. Come on , you two , fight fair !


  4. She 'll fight like a tiger to protect her children .


  5. We all have a part to play in the fight against crime .


  6. The team put up a good fight but were finally beaten .


  7. The election was a straight fight between the two main parties .


  8. Graduates have to fight for jobs in a highly competitive market .


  9. Education is the only weapon to fight the spread of the disease .


  10. I had to fight my way through the milling crowd .


  11. I 'm determined to fight the case .


  12. Some people tried to stop the fight but I didn 't want to get involved .


  13. The new district attorney has promised to fight police corruption .


  14. Doctors fear he may never fight again .


  15. Scientists think they are beginning to break through in the fight against cancer .


  16. Local people banded together to fight the drug dealers .


  17. It 's best to let her go her own way if you don 't want a fight .


  18. He had no wish to start a fight .


  19. We left them to fight it out .


  20. He failed to mention that he was the one who started the fight .


  21. They gave up without a fight .


  22. Scientists are claiming a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer .


  23. Their attitude only strengthened his resolve to fight on .


  24. They hadn 't reached any agreement so we left them to fight it out .


  25. He got into a fist fight in the bar .


  26. She now has a fight on her hands to make it through to the next round .


  27. I was very angry and ready for a fight .


  28. He ducked the first few blows then started to fight back .


  29. She died after a brave fight against cancer .


  30. A fight broke out between rival groups of fans .