rights of way

美 [raɪts əv weɪ]英 [raɪts ɒv weɪ]
  • n.(进入或穿越他人土地的)通行权;(交通工具的)优先通行权;(穿越私有土地的)公用通道
  • right of way的复数
rights of wayrights of way
  1. In addition , the maglev company would have to secure rights of way to build the specialized tracks , a serious financial undertaking on some of the most expensive real estate in the country .


  2. The law on using hoverboards in the US is not entirely clear , but 45 states are said to permit ' electric personal assistive mobility devices ' - including Segways - on public rights of way .


  3. Are there any rights of way across the property ?


  4. Also , high voltage lines are customarily built on wider rights of way than low voltage lines .


  5. The gun measure would have permitted weapons in public rights of way , but the governor said the language in the bill did not adequately define those areas .


  6. and mounds of ashes blocked up rights of way , and wholly changed the law and custom of the neighbourhood . [ qh ]


  7. Nothing spoils a picnic for 2 like other picnickers.Stay away from areas with marauding animals , aggressive insects , or ramblers ' rights of way .


  8. The real right of rights to the attributes needed to represent the appearance of existence , since the legal rights of property rights of characterization determined way , then must guarantee the way established rights characterization function , which needed to give register with credibility .