• n.(足球等比赛中的)边线裁判员,巡边员,司线员;架线工;线务员
  • linesman的复数
  1. The linesmen tell the referee which team should be awarded a throw-in , a corner kick or a goal kick .


  2. What are the responsibilities of the four linesmen ?


  3. The 30-year-old Scottish international was sent off for arguing with a linesman .


  4. The tennis players refused to accept the linesman 's decision , so the judge ordered them to play that point over .


  5. The linesman raised his flag to signal that the ball was out of play .


  6. The referee consulted the linesman before sending the captain off the field .


  7. He did enjoy being linesman , judging precisely where the ball had crossed the line .


  8. The umpire has rejected the player 's appeal against the linesman 's decision .


  9. The linesman didn 't flag until after the goal was scored and I 've still no idea why .


  10. Officials include a referee , an umpire , a scorer and four linesman .


  11. AZUZ : NFL officials include an umpire , a linesman , a field judge .


  12. The referee had people between him and Crespo but the linesman was in front .


  13. There were angry words with the fourth official and linesman , and with Everton manager David Moyes too .


  14. The goal should definitely have stood because the referee has played on . It 's the linesman and goalkeeper who have made the biggest mistakes .


  15. Solti had been with him and his linesman , vadas said , from morning to night .


  16. Dalglish 's opposite number Roy Hodgson held a different opinion on Liverpool 's penalty , which he clearly felt was a soft decision given by the linesman .


  17. The linesman did not give a free-kick but the referee , who was 30 metres away , decides to give a free-kick .


  18. We were assured that he had been told of it by a linesman and not the fourth official , but many still believe this was the first highly public case of video review .


  19. And because it 's very difficult for it not to be seen by two people , the referee and the linesman , so that 's why I said it was the Hand of God .


  20. In a 1997 Italian Serie A match between Inter Milan and Juventus , he awarded a goal to Inter after his linesman indicated an attacking player was onside .


  21. " I thought the referee like the rest of us saw it , didn 't see anything but the linesman did and the referee decided to take the linesman 's advice ," he told reporters .


  22. It could have a direct effect on Wayne Rooney , a habitual abuser of referees and linesmen , who has already been warned by a South African referee that he could find himself dismissed for bad language .


  23. Referee Halsey checked with the linesman and gave a goal-kick , at which point Jose Mourinho rose furiously from his bench to demand from Halsey why he hadn 't booked Johnson for diving .