hair coloring

美 [her ˈkʌlərɪŋ]英 [heə(r) ˈkʌlərɪŋ]
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hair coloringhair coloring
  1. He already had a factory in Houston , where he lives , producing hair coloring and shampoos .


  2. However , the IARC , a World Health Organization panel , reported that there is not enough evidence to conclude that occasional personal use of hair coloring raises the risk of cancer .


  3. Effect of new regulations on hair coloring products in the EU


  4. Appropriately applied hair coloring can also heal a variety of hair or face shape sins .


  5. Objective : To examine whether the hair coloring creams have mutagenicity , and to afford scientific data for health protection .


  6. Current and evolving regulations may lead to a positive list and fewer allowed raw materials for hair coloring products in the European Union .


  7. Both residents and parents oppose high school students ' hair coloring , but they do not believe that hair coloring is a tag of bad morality .


  8. Methods : The mutagenicity of the 10 hair coloring creams was tested by salmonella typhimurium / mammals microsomal enzyme test ( Ames assay ) .


  9. Do you realize that you are influenced by your Space links , and that subconsciously for example you copy hair coloring like red and green that is not naturally found on Earth .


  10. In general , I discourage use of hair dyes containing artificial coloring agents , which to my mind are as suspect in cosmetic products as they are in food .


  11. Hair stylist or packaged hair coloring